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Bankmill Magic ERP Modules

Our ERP solution for banks takes care of everything, from customer onboarding to transactional management, without requiring the use of third-party software. This means that all of your bank's needs can be handled by one platform, with no need to juggle multiple systems or integrate different software. Plus, our system is designed to be user-friendly, to ensure seamless and efficient services for both employees and customers.

BankMill Magic ERP has the following modules


Core Banking:

  • This module manages all the core banking functions such as account opening, deposits, withdrawals, and other transactions. All account types such as CASA, Deposits, Loans, CC/OD, Remittances and Lockers are supported.

    • All entries done are automatically reflected in Company Accounting and Customer Relationship


Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics:

  • To provide data-driven insights into the performance of the bank (At individual resource level such as Employee, Employee Group, Branch, Account, Customer Groups and each Product) and support informed decision-making.

    • Holistic view of the bank can be seen by the management. Various performance indicators take data from different modules and give accurate data


Delivery Channels:

To provide customers with secure access to banking services through mobile and online channels which use the same engine for front and backend as used by the remaining application to provide a singular experience to all stakeholders in the bank. Additionally all required delivery channels are supported.



  •  Support for multi-currency is available in the ERP.

    • Ensures correct mark to market position of data


Risk Management:

  • This module helps the bank manage various types of risks such as credit risk, market risk, and operational risk.

  • Allows management of risk across all modules

  • Allows handing inter-modular risk


Report Generation:

  • This module generates various reports such as financial reports, management reports, and regulatory reports.

    • Inter-modular reports can be generated


Supply Chain / Inventory Management:

  • To manage procurement, inventory, and distribution processes.

    • Once inventory is purchased in accounting, it automatically becomes a part of inventory management

    • If inventory is discarded, sold or lost, impact is shown automatically in company accounting


Treasury Management:

  •  This module manages the bank's treasury operations such as Financial investments, borrowings and liquidity

    • Treasury manager can use CBS to identify float

    • If there is a need for cash, borrowings can be done directly

    • Brokerage/processing fee does not need to be entered again into company accounting



  • This module manages the bank's financial accounting and reporting.

    • Balance Sheet of entire bank is reconciled from each module and transactions

    • No banking transactions need to be entered in accounting module and no accounting transactions need to be entered in CBS


Customer Relationship Management (CRM):

  • This module helps to manage customer interactions and relationships including the concept of a Relationship Manager. New products can be sold to the customer from this module.

    • Allows relationship manager to open accounts or issue cards as per conversation on call with customers


Fixed Asset / Depreciation Management:

  • This module manages the bank’s fixed assets. It provides support for both the Income Tax (Straight Line Depreciation) and Company Accounting (Accelerated Depreciation) based depreciation.

    • Whenever an item is purchased/sold, entry only needs to be done once. All details are available for ROC and Income Tax


Human Resource Management (HRM):

  •  To manage personnel and workforce management, including payroll, benefits administration, leave sanction and appraisal management.

    • Allows human resources of the bank to request for loans directly


Loan Origination System:

  • This module manages loan request entry, loan workflow, disbursal, repayment, and interest calculation. Different charges and NPA is also managed.

    • Same data doesn’t need to be entered into CBS once loan is sanctioned


Recovery & Legal:

  • This module helps the bank recover the sub-standard and NPA loans including tracking legal progress.

    • Recovery module gets automatically updated through CBS

    • Recovery agents can use the same software to do receipt transactions


Support Management:

Trade Finance:

Treasury Management:

  • This module allows customer issue management with Ticket Issuance, SLA, Problem Solution Workflow, and Customer Notification support.

    • Single support person can read and check issues

    • Different departments can log support issues


Trade Finance:

  • This module manages trade finance operations such as Letters of Credit and Bank Guarantees.

    • No need to do re-entry as information is available to all module

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