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Responsive Core Banking Software

Core Banking System Software
Responsive Core Banking Software Solutions

We are absolutely thrilled to introduce Bankmill Magic - the ultimate Core Banking Software that will revolutionize the way banks operate! Our team of skilled developers and seasoned industry experts have put in countless hours to create a cutting-edge Responsive Core Banking Software that is tailored to cater to banks of all sizes. With its user-friendly interface, extensive customization options, and effortless integration with existing systems, our Core Banking System Software is truly Magical. By incorporating the latest technological advancements, we empower our clients to stay ahead of the curve and maintain competitiveness in the dynamic marketplace. So why wait? Experience the Bankmill Magic difference today and connect with us to explore our comprehensive suite of banking services!

Core Banking Features


  • AML Support

    • Duplicate Customer Check Based On Name And Address

    • Suspicious Transaction Alert & Report

    • Blacklist Handling

    • FIU Support


  • USP at Architectural Level

    • Normalised Database

    • RBE & Heuristics based AI  

    • Neural Nets

    • Blockchain in balance calculation

    • Straight Through Processing / Real time transaction

    • Service Oriented Architecture


  • Automated Processes

    • Agent Commission

    • Automatic NPA

    • Auto Inter Branch Reconciliation

    • Day End 

      • Both Automatic And Manual Option Available

      • Both Centralised and Branch Based Options Available

    • Customer Category Auto Updation (Normal To Senior Citizen And Senior Citizen To Super Senior Citizen)

    • GST/CGST 

    • 150+ Automatic Service Charges 

    • TDS Support


  • Fintech / Neo Bank / Digital Bank

  • No branch banking required for customer interfacing

  • Customer can initiate account opening

  • Credit score based account opening approval and loan sanction (via Loan Proposal Workflow)

  • Online KYC

  • IMPS / NEFT - RTGS / UPI Banking

  • USSD Support

  • Money Wallet



  • Complete Set of  Reports

    • All Central Bank (e.g. RBI) /Xbrl Reports 

    • All Banking MIS Reports

    • All Company Accounting and IT related Reports

    • Country Specific Modules and Reports Support



  • Delivery Channels:

    • Mobile Banking

    • IMPS (Both Outward And Inward) / UPI

    • SMS Banking

    • USSD

    • Whatsapp Banking 

    • Email Banking

    • Chatbot Banking

    • Debit Card Interface / Loyalty Program Support

    • ATM Interface / Switch

    • Mobile money


  • Enterprise Service Bus (MindConnect):

  • ISO 8583 Support for all standard financial transactions with following capability: JSON / XML /Stream 

  • All features of CBS are available as an API via a CXS interface of our enterprise bus.

  • USSD interface available


  • Transaction Support

  • Transfer / Cash / Clearing


  • Remittance

  • Lockers

  • Loan Repayment

Administration Features

  • Fully integrated with a variety of delivery channels such as Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, Email Alerts, Touch Screen Kiosks and IVR systems.

  • Product Definition: Highest possible level of parameterizing available

  • Interest Definition: High level of parameterization available

  • Masters, Control Values and other Parameters: : High level of parameterization available 

  • Service Outlet Concept: Each branch or delivery channel is designated as a service outlet and each transaction can be tracked at a service outlet level.

  • Maker Checker Concept: Allows the bank to have double or triple checks in place by having one person make an entry, another to verify it and sometimes if necessary a third to re-verify or enable it. 

  • MindConnect™: Allows the bank to provide financial transaction access to IIIrd party solutions such as ATMs and Credit Card Institutes such as MasterCard and Visa.

  • Multilingual

  • Roles and Rights: A bank can create various roles (designations) based on its Organisation Chart and associate view, create, modify and delete rights on each screen as well as access to the screen itself.

Accounting Features

  • Real time transaction processing

  • Straight through processing

  • Tree Based multi level GL Head Structure

  • Single bank-wide General Ledger, Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet for all modules

  • Detailed MIS including Asset Liability Reports

  • Text and WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) based Reports

  • Inter-branch Reconciliation

  • True Mutli Currency

Cost Reduction Features

  • BankMill™ offers the lowest total cost of ownership and operations compared to any other CBS available in the market. This has been made possible by incorporating the following features:

  • All  the modules in the system are 100% integrated with each other. There is no movement of files and no manual processes are needed to accomplish inter-module transactions. All inter-module and inter-branch transactions happen in true real time.

  • Reports are available in Java which implies the bank does not have to invest in IIIrd party reporting tool licensing such as Crystal Reports.

Customer Related Features

  • Unified Relationship Management across related but different customers and Multiple Accounts of the same Customer

  • Single account book means all transactions across all delivery channels are made at the same place and the customer can get a unified view of his account.

  • Accounts can be opened at any level including tellers.

  • All customer services are available, including cash, clearing, and transfer.

  • Completely parameterized standing instructions input and execution including prioritised debit from multiple accounts and rule based credit to multiple accounts.

  • Cash pooling of all accounts of a customer for interest purposes with rule based amount outflow to different accounts to allow customers the maximum benefits across branches

  • Statement printing is available from all the various delivery channels

Security Features

White Structure

Audit Trails: Audit trail of each transaction in the system is kept with date, time and user-id stamp

  • AES Encryption: All data between a device and the backend is transmitted after encrypting it with AES encryption. This prevents any snoopers from sniffing the channel and getting financial data information.

  • BLAKE2 hashing: All passwords are kept using BLAKE2 hashing. This prevents the administrator from knowing the passwords of any user.

  • Data Security: Data is kept secure using database login and password

  • Access Security: By Role and Rights explained more in Administration Features

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