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Generative AI for Banking



Business Intelligence & Analytics

To provide data-driven insights into the performance of the bank (At individual resource level such as Employee, Employee Group, Branch, Account, Customer Groups and each Product) and support informed decision-making.

Holistic view of the bank can be seen by the management using our Banking Centric ERP. Various performance indicators take data from different modules and give accurate data

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

This module helps to manage customer interactions and relationships including the concept of a Relationship Manager. New products can be sold to the customer from this module.

Allows relationship manager to open accounts or issue cards as per conversation on call with customers

Core Banking Software

Deposit, withdraw, open accounts and more seamlessly. We support a wide range of account types: CASA, Deposits, Loans, CC/OD, Remittances, and Lockers, bringing banking convenience to your fingertips. Our module automatically syncs every transaction with Company Accounting and Customer Relationship systems.


Manage your financial accounting and reporting easily. This module ensures that the balance sheet of the entire bank is reconciled from each module and that no banking transactions need to be entered in the accounting module and no accounting transactions need to be entered in the CBS. 

Delivery Channels

Delight your customers with secure access through cutting-edge mobile and online channels. By harmonizing the front and backend engine with the rest of the application, we guarantee singular experience for all stakeholders within the bank. Additionally, we support all necessary delivery channels ensuring an unparalleled journey for every client, every time.

Fixed Asset/Depreciation Management

Simplify fixed asset and depreciation management with our comprehensive module! Effortlessly handle both Income Tax (Straight Line Depreciation) and Company Accounting (Accelerated Depreciation) methods. Save time and ensure compliance by entering purchase/sale details only once, with all necessary information available for ROC and Income Tax requirements.


The world's first CBS with AI

Our AI-driven finTech solution enables effortless form generation through natural language inputs. Chatbot support enhances user and customer interactions on each screen. Experience the speed and ease of generative AI-based software for rapid creation of screens, fields, validations, and database connections.




Normalised Database
Blockchain in balance calculation
RBE & Heuristics based AI
Straight Through Processing / Real time transaction
Neural Nets
Service Oriented Architecture

Security & Architecture

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  • Multi-tier architecture ensures that no user can access the internal databases which are well hidden from the users. 

  • Syntactic and semantic validation at UI level as well as at the middle tier ensures that any user cannot hack into the system.

  • The software can work with any standard RDBMS such as MS SQL, and Oracle.

  • Password structure can be configured on an organisation basis. User is prompted to change the password after a certain time duration.

  • Device ID based authentication allowed.

  • Right click is disabled.


  • The software has a 3 tier+ architecture where the front end is a user machine browser / app resident, the middle tier (business layer) is SOA based and implemented on the application business layer servers. 

  • The database is on the 3rd layer which is implemented on the database servers. 

  • The user resident layer cannot access the database servers directly. 

  • The system works via interdependent nodes communicating with each other via several layers of servers and technology.

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