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  • What differentiates BankMill Magic from traditional banking solutions?
    BankMill Magic stands out with its AI-powered capabilities, including natural language form generation,working on devices, customizable charts, AI chatbots, and top-notch security protocols. Its dynamic and generative AI-based software enables rapid creation of screens and fields.
  • What modules are included in BankMill Magic's ERP?
    Core Banking Accounting Business Intelligence and Analytics Customer Relationship Management (CRM Delivery Channels Risk Management Regulatory Compliance and more.
  • What are the key features of BankMill Magic?
    BankMill Magic offers a range of features, such as: AI-powered form generation based on natural language inputs. Customizable charts (line, pie, histogram) associated with screens. AI chatbot for real-time customer queries Supports changing Language on the go Designed to work on phone, tablet, Desktop, and any other device 5 Years of UI/UX designing Cutting-edge security features, including BLAKE2 hashing and AES encryption. Dynamic fields that adapt to context and user needs. Rapid screen and field creation using generative AI-based software.
  • How does BankMill Magic provide round-the-clock support?
    BankMill Magic offers 24/7 support to ensure smooth operation and assistance for clients globally. Mindmill Software Limited's dedicated help desk is readily available to address inquiries and provide guidance.
  • How does BankMill Magic promote cost efficiency?
    BankMill Magic offers an integrated suite of modules, eliminating the need for third-party reporting tools. Real-time transaction processing and inter-module communication enhance efficiency, reducing operational costs.
  • What is BankMill Magic?
    BankMill Magic is an advanced Banking ERP solution developed by Mindmill Software Limited. It offers a comprehensive suite of modules designed to cater to various banking needs, powered by cutting-edge technology and AI-driven features.
  • Can BankMill Magic be customized to suit specific banking needs?
    Yes, BankMill Magic's AI-based rule engines allow us/banks to create unique screens, modify fields, and change the language. This ensures that the application is tailored to each bank's specific requirements. The Software is fully parameterized as per the needs.
  • Can BankMill Magic be integrated with third-party solutions?
    Yes, BankMill Magic's API-driven architecture and Enterprise Service Bus (MindConnect™) enable seamless integration with third-party solutions, ensuring a unified and efficient banking ecosystem.
  • How does BankMill Magic enhance banking operations?
    BankMill Magic leverages a multi-layered architecture, with Core Banking Software (CBS) at its core. It seamlessly integrates various ERP modules, empowering banks to streamline operations, improve customer experiences, AI - Driven banking, Responsive CBS help achieve operational excellence.
  • How does BankMill Magic handle security?
    BankMill Magic prioritizes security with features like BLAKE2 hashing and AES encryption for data protection. It employs multi-factor authentication, device ID-based login, and n-Tier architecture to ensure secure access.
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